6 Ways To Attract Beautiful Girl Even If You Don’t Have Money & Not Handsome

6 Ways To Attract Beautiful Girl Even If You Don’t Have Money & Not Handsome

Well, you may be ugly physically but you can turn it around to your favour with inner qualities that ladies can find attractive and even want to marry you.

There is this comedian (name withheld) who actually used his ugliness to his advantage and was always cracking jokes about himself and today the ugly guy has turned to a handsome prince. He even married a beautiful lady who looks like a beauty queen and you’ll wonder what this lady saw in him.

So don’t be sad if you are ugly and find it difficult to get the kind of ladies you want. Look out for other qualities you possess and fine tune them to your advantage and in no time you will find ladies drooling all over you and even queue up for a marriage proposal from you.

Have you ever seen a very beautiful lady with a very ugly guy and you wondered how this ugly guy managed to clinch the attention of that kind of girl? So wonder no more! I’m going to show you different ways an ugly guy can win the heart of a beautiful lady.

Here are 6 ways an ugly guy can use other qualities he has to attract and marry the kind of lady he wants:

Get a personal swag that is hard to miss:

If you focus on external validation of your physical attributes, you’re going to lose. Rather focus inward, build your interpersonal skills, talents, including your ability to socialize and learn nice ways of talking to women.

Change thing you can control about your appearance such as your clothing, haircut and the way you dress and perhaps even your dentition if they are scattered all over the place by visiting a dentist. Just make sure you get a personal way of dressing that can cover up a bit of your ugliness.

Before you know it, your confidence and sense of self-worth will increase so much to the extent where your swag will be greater than your ugliness and girls really respond to these qualities faster than to a fine boy with no swag.

Be a good person and good things will come to you!

Attraction sometimes is not physical. Most times, it is the aura you radiate that attracts good things to you. Just be unapologetically you: be love, kindness, passionate and fun. Just be a good person and good things will happen. So also the right girl you need in your life will get attracted to you.

Be a good lover

Guy, this is very important. Ladies respond more to how a guy makes them feel more than how he looks physically. So if you are ugly, go and learn how to be a great lover; both in and outside the bedroom.


Be romantic and caring

Learn how to satisfy a woman in bed to the extent that you will be the only one she thinks about when she’s not with you. Know how to be caring and loving always. Be the man she runs to when she needs a shoulder to cry on and she will soon forget how ugly you look. Do you know that giving a woman good sex and love can bind her to you forever even if you are ugly? Try it and thank me later!


Build a great personality

Most women are attracted to a man’s personality rather than his physical looks. She responds to how his personality and behavior makes her feel when she is with him. For example: Does his vibe and conversation style turn her on, is he fun to be with and a likable person or does it make her feel awkward and bored? So build on having a great personality that ladies love and you have them following you in their droves.


Be an incurable giver

Women just love givers! It’s not just about having so much money; some guys are rich but still very stingy! Rather it is your ability to be a giver that attracts women to you. Initially, it would look as if that is all she wants from you but when she comes closer to you on account of your giving nature, she will see other hidden qualities your ugliness did not allow her to notice about you before.

Money is good no doubt, but it is your ability to stand by her even with the little money in your account that will attract her to you.


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